Industrial Machine class (payment plan)
Industrial Machine class (payment plan)

Industrial Machine class (payment plan)

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Payment plan total is

 $2500 industrial machine sewing + online class. 


$3000 for 1on1 industrial sewing machine class + sewing machine  


You must complete 5 total payments of $500


  You must complete 6 total payments of $500


machine will ship after 5th or 6th payment has been made. 

Depending on class that was selected 


payment plan duration is 8weeks 


no refunds.

You are ordering an industrial sewing Machine all machine & machine class orders are subject to a ID verification check.

there are no returns and no exchanges.

please take time to open your machine box and inspect your machine, turn your motor on and make sure it is working properly.

due to shipment, there may be slight wear and tear. But if there is blatant damage please email us at

Make sure you have an Industrial Sewing machine repair technician near your location, in case you need to take your machine in for any repairs or maintenance.

We also offer online 1on1 technical help for an additional fee of $50hr

if you only order machine only and not a class, you will be charged an extra fee for us to show you how to use your machine



Once you make a purchase you are given a 24hr grace period

if within that 24hr grace period you change your mind, please email us at and we will issue you a refund minus a Restock fee of 15%

for example you order the $2500 machine class and change your mind we will refund you $2500 - restocking fee 15% = $2125

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